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joel skene

What were you doing before Symmetry and what was your approximate income?
Social worker $30,000/yr

What attracted you to Symmetry Financial Group?
The uncapped opportunity, the focus on leadership and relationships, and a lead program that was both quality and affordable.

 How has your life changed since joining Symmetry?
My life is very different in 3 ways. #1 - I make about six times my old income and it’s going up faster now than ever #2 - I work fewer hours than before #3 - Learning to rely on myself and to lead others has grown me into a better person.

What opportunities have you been able to do or provide because you started working with Symmetry Financial Group, that you likely would not have done or unable to in another career?
I’ve been to Rome, Cuba, Yellowstone, countless beach resorts. I get to work while I walk around a lake. I have made some of my closest friends. I have the time to volunteer with Big Brothers. And I never have to ask anyone to take a vacation.

What advice do you have for a new agent? 
Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.

That’s our story.
Now it’s time to start writing your own.