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brandi kimbrell

What were you doing before Symmetry and what was your approximate income?
Assistant General Manager of a Restaurant - $50k/Yr - 60/70 hrs a week.

What attracted you to Symmetry Financial Group?
More control over my income & schedule, a place where I can grow on a level playing field. And a chance to work with people who have a lot of the same goals and values that have served me well in the past.

How has your life changed since joining Symmetry?
Leadership development & personal development is a huge focus here.  Partnering with SFG and leveraging the support this company offers from the top down has allowed me to grow in so many areas of my life in a really positive way.  I feel like I am becoming a better wife, mother & friend.  On the business side I am constantly learning how to grow as a mentor, business partner & business owner. 

What opportunities have you been able to do or provide because you started working with Symmetry Financial Group, that you likely would not have done or were unable to in another career?
Raising a family with 3 kids, it has given me the opportunity to not have to choose between my career and my family.  I am no longer the absentee parent.  The longer I am here & the more I grow my business the less I have to tell my friends and family that I have to chose work over them.  

What advice do you have for a new agent? 
Be patient with yourself as you go through your learning curve.  Be trusting of the system and your mentor.  We are a leadership development company that strives to find business partners not "employees".  The amount of time and effort that this company and it's leadership pours into you is because we truly care about the success and development of others.  Relationships matter, people come first!

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