SFG New Agent
Contracting Packet

Current Agents: 

Follow the link below to send your new agents the contracting agreement link.  If you do not have the username and password, please ask your mentor for the username and password.


On-Coming Agents: 

To ensure that you complete the packet entirely and correctly, use the checklist below or visit our Protocol Manual Page for detailed instructions and reminders.


  • Included 7 years’ worth of employment history and explained any gaps of 60 days or more.
  • Included 7 years’ worth of address history (No gaps from one address to the next).
  • Marked "yes" or "no" to all questions on the legal questionnaire form and explained any legal questions marked ‘yes’ on background explanation form providing full dates (month, day & year) for when event or action took place.
  • Included voided check or direct deposit form (See Protocol for requirements).
  • Completed Anti-Money Laundering Course through AmAm or LIMRA.
  • AmAm AML: Included Anti-Money Laundering Course Certificate and included date on page 7 of packet.
  • Attached copy of producer license (Only required if already licensed).

Text or Call your Mentor to let them know you have completed this step!