cicily newsom


What were you doing before Symmetry and what was your approximate income?
Server/Bartender- $40k/yr.

What attracted you to Symmetry Financial Group?
Owning a business with my husband.

 How has your life changed since joining Symmetry?
$40k/year to $40k/month in 5 years.

What opportunities have you been able to do or provide because you started working with Symmetry Financial Group, that you likely would not have done or unable to in another career?
Amazing vacations for 2-3 months each year, business ownership, work from anywhere in the world as long as I have cell signal and a laptop.

What advice do you have for a new agent?
Tap into your grit. Take ownership for everything that happens, good or bad, in your business. Give it two years before you quit.

That’s our story.
Now it’s time to start writing your own.