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jason hayes

What were you doing before Symmetry and what was your approximate income?
I was a purchasing manager making 60k annually.

What attracted you to Symmetry Financial Group?
The opportunity to make an income based on my efforts rather than what someone else felt I was worth. I was also tired of helping to build my boss's dream instead of my own.

 How has your life changed since joining Symmetry?
My income has doubled in the year and a half that I have been here and we have just barely scratched the surface. The most important thing to me, however, are the relationships that have been built. I went through the toughest challenge of my life fighting cancer and I had an entire company in my corner. The support I received was absolutely amazing and I would walk through a brick wall for my new family.

What opportunities have you been able to do or provide because you started working with Symmetry Financial Group, that you likely would not have done or unable to in another career?
The opportunity to build a business through sweat equity versus investing with a ton of capital of which I did not have! With my old "job," I worked so many hours just to still be broke. Now I'm qualifying for cruises and taking family vacations without stressing about bills. My wife will also be able to fire her boss by the end of 2019, allowing us to build our business together.

What advice do you have for a new agent? 
DON'T QUIT! When you are going through those tough phases of this business, just remember why you came here. Listen to your mentors, follow the system like your livelihood depends on it, and get back up every single time you get knocked down. That's how you win here.

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