marchelle knight

What were you doing before Symmetry and what was your approximate income?
English Teacher - $35,000/yr

What attracted you to Symmetry Financial Group?
The vision of time/financial freedom to invest in world & community impacting organizations I care about. Doing good in the world on a large scale.

How has your life changed since joining Symmetry?
I own my life now. I make my schedule. I build my business. I work for myself, my family, my future, and my world. I have a vision of success and a process & support to get there.

What opportunities have you been able to do or provide because you started working with Symmetry Financial Group, that you likely would not have done or unable to in another career?
Buy my mother-in-law a vehicle in cash. Spend more intentional time with my kids. Grow myself on the personal and leadership development fronts. Travel the world on all-expenses-paid luxury vacations (I never even dreamed of that before). Help my kids create valuable relationships with high-level kids they wouldn't have met before (parenting is all about giving your kids better opportunities than you had).

What advice do you have for a new agent? 
Do everything your upline suggests, immediately. They really do have your best interests in mind AND they see the big picture.

That’s our story.
Now it’s time to start writing your own.